What is Vision Therapy?

Vision Therapy is: changing the brain through vision development.

  1. The opportunity to reach higher potential
  2. Neuroadaptive learning
  3. Perceptual learning
  4. Neurological vision development and rehabilitation
  5.  A treatment plan used to correct or improve specific dysfunction of the vision system including:
    • strabismus
    • amblyopia
    • accommodation (focusing)
    • oculomotor dysfunction & visual-perceptual-motor abilities

Vision Therapy with exercises and/or lenses is intended to alleviate the symptoms and eliminate the underlying causes, which are inadequate visual skills and visual stress.

The American Optometric Association has asserted: off all the sensory information relayed to the brain, 80% is visual in origin.

Since vision develops in your brain at infancy alongside your primitive reflexes and sensory-motor systems, our vision therapy programs involve this necessary motor and reflex work to build the foundations for visual skill to emerge.

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